Sona, a blind female German Shepherd mix, was rescued in a very miserable condition, from streets. Severely anaemic, she survived due to marathon efforts of our staff and has now become our forever baby.



Victims of human monstrosity. Eena, Meena and Deeka are acid attack victims. The culprits threw acid over them in the middle of the night and sped away on their vehicles. They were rescued and brought to our shelter. No efforts are being spared in their treatment. However, Deeka has sustained 65% burns and his internal organs may have been affected too. After our marathon efforts, the FIR has been filed. You can sponsor their treatment.



Tyson is a senior 10 years old Labrador, partially blind due to cataract, abandoned by his cruel family. He found a happy ending, when he was adopted by kind Kunal.




Veera, the miracle survivor was named thus, because she was such a happy child, even when she was in so much pain on losing her upper jaw in a mishap. She is now our forever baby, who can be sponsored by any of you.


Casper’s rescue and adoption was a memorable one. His miserable family tied him with a heavy chain, outside, and went abroad. We rescued him with the help of police. Rajat came as a saviour and adopted him, and named him after our Casper.




Mickey  our handsome boy, with beautiful eyes, was cured of a slight nervine disorder. He is looking for a forever home. 



Roshni, our female blind baby, won a battle of life two years ago, when she was admitted as a bag of bones.



Mussi, Titli and Rambo

Our three musketeers, Mussi, Titli and Rambo, all abandoned pets, are inseparable, since they have been with us for a long time. Rambo and Titli have leg deformities, but still hop around happily.


Bleeding profusely on the railway tracks, rescued by our team, with zero chances of survival, now lives a normal life at Casper’s Home, thanks to our resident vet Hemant Kumar. Please sponsor our amazing lion, Sheru.




Kiya, a miraculous cancer survivor, had successful chemotherapy treatment at our shelter, three years ago. She is now a healthy and strong old girl.



Our old boy Michael, is the favourite of everyone. A pet, unfortunately, dumped in a Nagar Nigam dustbin, was in a pitiable state, but survived with our love and care. He has been us since the first week we started out. He refuses to be adopted.




Our little Pari, who was rescued from a broken building, was adopted, but rescued again since her owners kept her tied at their shop. Our forever baby can be sponsored and also her friends, Alisha and Pinky. Note: all our shelter babies are vaccinated and sterilized.


Bhola, who had to go through an amputation after a hit-and-run case, leads a happy life at Casper’s Home and is a very gentle and loving boy.




Jack, an adorable 14 year old German Shepherd, was abandoned on the streets, with a dislocated bone and a terrible fungal infection. He has been at our shelter for last five years. His cataract cannot be cured as he is old, but we have maintained his partial vision with eye drops, recommended by our vet.



Tiffany was dumped by her cruel adopters on the false accusation of her being aggressive. A very gentle and flexible baby, she got along with all our shelter babies. We had lost hope for her adoption when she turned 1.5  years old. Kanupriya came as her saviour and is giving her all the pampering and love she deserves.


Happy Adoption

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